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Welcome to Trinity Chiropractor Gives Outstanding Care

Dr. Stelios Zografakis

Dr. Stelios Zografakis

Feel Your Best at Stelios Spine and Health

We welcome you to the family-oriented environment at Stelios Spine and Health! At our office, you’ll get high-quality health care from Trinity chiropractor, Dr. Stelios Zografakis. You’ll experience a positive approach to providing natural and effective chiropractic care.

Genuine, caring and personable, Dr. Stelios respects what each of our patients is looking for and will do all that he can to assist them.

As Trinity residents, we are invested in the area and the lives of our fellow community members. You’ll be treated just like family in our homey environment and feel comfortable in our office, knowing we’ll address your individual needs.

Discover Optimal Health

Chiropractic care addresses your musculoskeletal system and central nervous system. By keeping your spine aligned, there are no disruptions in the signals your brain sends to the rest of your body. Nerves, muscles and organs will all be able to work to their optimum potential.

Dr. Stelios is skilled in several different chiropractic techniques. We’ll do only what you feel comfortable with and are here to offer you pain-free, stress-free health care.

Live Without Pain and Injury

Many people today live with pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. Perhaps you have neck or low back pain or played sports growing up and are still feeling an old injury. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, we’re here to support you. Chiropractic is safe, effective and beneficial for countless people of all ages!

Our flexible hours include early morning and evening appointments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We accept insurance and are happy to check your coverage!

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