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New Patient Reviews

We’ve had the privilege of helping numerous people improve their health and well-being with natural, safe and effective chiropractic care. We invite you to read through some of the success stories we’ve seen at Stelios Spine and Health!

  • Thank you for taking us in so quickly. We appreciate your care and help!

    -Deidre W.
  • I have been seeing Dr. Stelios for years. He is a wonderful person in addition to being a fantastic chiropractor! He takes the time to listen to each and every patient to ensure the best possible care. He works to develop relationships with his patients in order to treat the whole person. Dr. Stelios’ new practice is warm and inviting and all personnel are just as kind and patient as he is. Whether it will be your first chiropractor visit or your five hundredth, I would HIGHLY recommend Stelios Spine and Health!

    -Jen C.
  • I am feeling the best I have felt in years and I am completely confident of the care and treatment I receive from Dr. Stelios and his staff. In fact, I have referred a number of friends in the hopes that they will follow through on the path towards greater health and healing!

    - Andrea R.
  • I was very impressed with the knowledge the doctor has with sports related injuries. He is very thorough, explains things in laymen terms, very positive, and confident that my issue can be resolved without surgery. Yeah!

    -Vicky H.
  • I am doing my exercises, walking seems to be getting better, have a great day !

    -Jim G.
  • I love Dr. Stelios. He has taken care of me for four years. He is the best chiropractor I have ever gone to. And I have been to several through the years. He is very caring and has a unique way of adjusting that is very gentle and works very well.

    I am so happy for the new office in Trinity. May God continue to bless you and your family for many years. And thank you, Dr. Stelios for my continued care.

    -Lavonne L.
  • I was very impressed with everything during my first visit! I learned so much and my adjustment was superb! Thank you!

    -Kimberly R.
  • Dr & staff are wonderful!

    -Diane O.
  • You guys are the best!!

    -Max H.
  • Best chiropractor I have ever seen over the years. Dr. Stelios cares about the entire body, not just the area that hurts. It is all interconnected. Great caregiver, listener, excellent followup and a pleasure to work with. I won’t let anyone else work on me or my family.

    -John H.
  • You totally ROCK Dr. Stelios!! And Nikki qand Jenevieve are AWESOME TOO! All by lower back pain is gone, and in less than three months, You helped my wife fix her scoliosis–without surgery!

    -Meredith M
  • Very nice people and very knowledgeable on the issues I face and came up with plan of attack to correct these issues. I can’t wait!

    -James M.
  • Was the best experience I ever expected. Never have had to go to anyone like this before. Dr. Stelios was very caring and understanding. Was there for whatever I needed. Am blessed he was referred to to me.

    -Sharon V.
  • I’m so happy I found an office close to home that performs activator method adjustments! Dr. Is very knowledgeable.

    -Ursula C.
  • Everyone is very professional and friendly!

    -Carmen S.
  • Thank you for your honesty, professionalism, and listening to us. After a previous bad experience, you have put us at ease.

    -Brittany K.
  • Thank you for taking me on a short notice and being so kind!

    -Gislaine M.
  • Very impressed…very cordial…extremely competent with a wonderful and attractive assistant. GO GATORS!

    -Larry L.
  • Really appreciate the time spent with me to understand my issue and layout a plan to correct it.

    -Anthony A.
  • Nolan has had two great visits, Dr. Stelios made him feel at ease and comfortable with the visits, which is so important, as he is only two. We are very happy thus far and would definitely refer Dr. Stelios to our family & friends.

    -Nolan M.
  • Dr. Stelios and his staff are fantastic! I highly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Thank you for an excellent experience!

    -Frederick F.
  • Dr. Stelios makes feel comfortable and confident that he can help me.

    -Beverly P.
  • I’m so impressed and the staff couldn’t have been nicer!

    -Sandra B.
  • I had completely lost my trust for chiropractic after a previous experience. Dr. Stelios helped me gain it back by listening to me and tailoring each of my visits to my needs. My flare ups are fewer and shorter lived thanks to his long term goal for the maintenance of my neck and back. He develops and fosters a unique relationship with each of his patients and truly cares about their well being and progress.

  • You guys did great! :) I felt better immediately. I know when I see you I’ll be given first class treatment.

    -Nicole S.
  • The office is very well organized and the decor is beautiful. Amazing high back chairs for those of us that dislike those sinking sofas. The receptionist Nikki was very cordial and helpful. Dr Stelios listens to your concerns an addresses all your concerns. He listens. Wonderful experience. I would recommend the doctor.

    -Beverly F.

Feel 10x Better

Very knowledgeable staff. Very friendly. I’ve been misdiagnosed for over 7 years. And within 30 seconds of them seeing me, they correctly diagnosed me and have helped me feel 10x better than I have FOR 7 YEARS. THANK YOU!

Dalton J.

Feel So Much Better

I have had neck and back pain for months. I have recently seen an orthopedic surgeon who told me surgery was a possible option. I had no improvement with their physical therapy and the pain was getting worse. I decided to see Dr. Stella. It’s been over a month now and I feel so much better minimal hip pain and my neck feels great. I also get massages here which has been of tremendous benefit also. I am so grateful to to have found Stellio Chiropractic!

Sheila H.

Immediate Relief

Dr. Stelios did a great job. I felt immediate relief and am looking forward to total elimination of the issue that took me to visit him. He diagnosed my problem immediately and has me on a plan to full recovery.

Oscar C.

Recovering Much Faster

Glad I chose treatment here. I am recovering so much faster than I ever have in the past with lower back pain and injuries.

Brian C.

I Highly Recommend

Dr. Stelios made me feel very comfortable on my first visit. He spent time with me going over my issues and came up with a plan to help me get stronger. The office staff is very friendly and organized. They called after my first visit to see how I was feeling and inquired if the treatment helped. I would highly recommend them to all!!!!!

Sue W.

Has My Well-Being In Mind

Friendly although very professional atmosphere! Didn’t feel like I was “just another patient” as Dr. Stelio’s spoke about overall health, not just chiropractic needs. I will definitely be returning as I feel that ‘The Doc’ has my well-being in mind!

Scott C.

A More Pragmatic Solution

After years of going to medical doctors to include those at the Mayo Clinic, and two (2) completely unnecessary back surgeries, I had given up. After my first visit with Dr Stelios, I actually see there is a more pragmatic solution involving physical therapy, adjustments, and other non-invasive methods of fixing my spine without surgery or drugs!

Ron G.

First Time Visiting a Chiropractor

I found your practice searching online. I’m so glad I did. It was my first time visiting a chiropractor. I had a low back injury from lifting weights. I feel so energetic today, rested and in better mood thanks to the stretching and alignment the doctor did for me. The office smells great like citrus and Beka at the front desk was very helpful and friendly. It is conveniently located. Dr Stelios was very informative and did a good diagnosis with x-rays and other technology items he uses. I was surprised I didn’t have to wait to see the doctor. I’m already recommending your practice to my contacts.

Jose C.

Came Out Pain Free

I am very thankful to have found this practice for my chiropractic needs. I have been under continuous care in NH since 1979 and since moving to Florida in 2015, I had not had any care. It was only a matter of time before something went wrong, and 8 days ago, I walked into Dr. Stelios’ office in pain and came out pain-free and aligned for the first time in a couple years. I was at ease right away and found that Dr. Stelios was very similar in his treatment practices as my doctor back in NH. Also, the front desk personnel (Becca) was absolutely delightful. My mind is at ease knowing that whatever happens, I have a place to go for help.

Sharon F.

Very Pleasant Experience

Excellent staff that took great care in explaining the process to me. It was my first experience and it was a very pleasant one.

Carley S.

Dr. Stelios and All His Staff Are Awesome

Doctor Stelios was very thorough, he took his time and explained everything in detail so that I could best understand it. He reviewed with me in detail my x-rays pointed out all the areas that needed treatment. He was very thorough when adjusting me and reassured me that I could and would feel better with treatment. After my treatment Genevieve did cupping and laser procedures on my knee and I cannot believe how much better I felt after my first treatment. I had a full knee replacement 11 months ago and have a lot of stiffness and soreness especially at the end of my day and after my first treatment I couldn’t believe how much better my knee felt. Most of the stiffness was gone and I can move my knees and bend it more than I could before the treatment . Dr. Stelios and all his staff are awesome I’m am always extremely busy but I will make time for my self. I felt so much better. Thank you all very much.

Russell C.

Looking Forward to a Long Relationship

Unlike some chiropractic doctors I have heard of and seen, there was a “cut and dry” treatment plan that was laid out for me, and it started on the first visit. Very happy to know that I won’t be pressured to come in multiple times a week for months at a time. I’m happy to say that I already have some relief from my ailments even after 1 visit. Looking forward to a long relationship with Stelios Spine and Health.

Erik P.

Great fist experience!!!!!

Dr. Stelios was very caring, compassionate and interested in what I had to say. The staff was very friendly.
Dawn S.

Truly a Caring Doctor

Dr. Stelios Zografakis is a wonderful chiropractor who has made a difference in my health and well-being. He listens and is truly a caring doctor I would highly recommend. His staff was courteous and warm and can not say enough good things about my experience. I look forward to my continual care knowing I am in great hands!!


Stelios is The Best

Won’t go anywhere else!
Raymond C.

Excellent Treatment

Thank you so much for such a great experience! I could not have asked for better treatment!

Erin M.

Extremely Pleased

Everything was very pleasant and positive about my visit and I was extremely pleased with the way I was treated.

Debra T.

Fabulous and helpful

My experience with chiropractors began early in my life, around the age of 10. I was treated by chiropractors for several years; all great, helpful experiences. My first appointment with Dr. Zografakis was fabulous! He’s very caring, attentive, and concerned for his patients. He’s knowledgeable and quickly diagnosed my back/leg pain. The staff was professional, kind, and attentive. I feel very fortunate that I “discovered” Dr. Zografakis and the Stelio’s Spine and Health center.

Rebecca P.

Sensitive and caring

Being in a car accident is a trying experience, physically and emotionally. Dr. Stelios was incredibly sensitive and caring! And most importantly, he helped relieve pain that I have been dealing with for several weeks! Thank you, and looking forward to a healthier me!

Mara C-B.

Restored Hope

I am so thankful that I found your office! I am very hopeful that Dr. Zografakis will be able to help me, and even better, empower me to help myself with knowledge and exercises to do at home. Bless you!

Kelly H.

Very Pleased With The Excellent Skills

I felt much better after my initial first visit, and will continue my care with you. Very pleased with the excellent listening skills, knowledge of care, adjustments and office staff as a team. Thank you for the devotion you all give to make it a pleasant experience, I will be recommending you to others in need!

Pam V.

After her first treatment already felt relief

Gabriella was experiencing neck discomfort for awhile and after her first treatment already felt relief. She will continue to work on her posture and will get adjusted for maintenance. During Gabriella’s growth spurts, the chiropractic care will be essential for her long term health.

Gabriella B.

Speaks Volumes

The office is very welcoming and relaxing. I have been very impressed with the all of the staff especially Dr Stelios. My body feels better when I leave the practice and that speaks volumes to me. I will continue with chiropractic care as I believe it improves all the aspects of my physical well being.

Kristina B.

They Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Very pleasant office from the time you walk in to the time you leave. They make sure you’re comfortable by checking in on you. I’m so glad I trusted my injury to Dr. Stelios. The receptionist is awesome by the way, her professionalism & kindness is a great welcome when you walk in.

Debbie G.

Family Oriented Outlook On Care

Dr. Stelios,
We love your practice and your family oriented outlook on care. I can’t thank you enough for the chiropractic care you have provided my family and me. The improvements in our overall health is amazing. From an athlete standpoint, through your continued chiropractic care, you have enhanced my athletic abilities and allow me to continue to compete in the sport of powerlifiting at a world level. With your care, you have enabled me to win multiple National & World Championships, along with setting National Records.

Everyone should choose “Stelios Spine and Health” for all their health needs.

Thank you,

Mike F.

Quality Chiropractic Care

“If you are searching for quality chiropractic care at an affordable price, look no further! Dr. Stelios is the ONLY chiropractor you should schedule an appointment with for ALL your chiropractic needs. I feel VERY blessed to have crossed paths with Dr. Stelios about three years ago while he was practicing at a previous location where I was receiving treatment. Fortunately he recently chose to open up his own office in a much more convenient location which made it easier to remain in his care, as well as countless other patients that followed him too!

Dr. Stelios has ALWAYS taken his time to listen to my needs and concerns at every visit, explaining everything in layman’s terms using his vast knowledge, expertise, and years of experience. He is a very kind, compassionate and caring man whose main intent is to give you the best and foremost current treatment available. Dr. Stelios has helped me tremendously on a weekly basis (which is what I personally feel is best for me) due to three separate injuries during my younger years. I became aware (early on) the benefits of how essential spinal alignments and various adjustments are in order to continue living my very active life style, profession, and performing the basic simple tasks of everyday life.

Personally I chose not to have surgery over 25 years ago, nor ingest steroids and pain medications were out of the question! (and STILL are) They only mask the pain so they haven’t been an option and definitely not a solution. Dr. Stelios has “worked his wonders” for me as I have been subject to constant chronic pain for nearly two decades due to a herniated disc years ago. He is the ONLY chiropractor for me, and I urge you to strongly consider making your next appointment for chiropractic care with Dr. Stelios. It’s the best gift anyone could give themselves! (I can”t “live” without him!!)”

A lifetime patient,

Kimberly M.