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Sports Chiropractic Care for Trinity

Trinity Sports Chiropractic

Stay in the game with chiropractic care

Athletes face a set of unique challenges, needing their bodies to perform at peak capacity with their full abilities. Dr. Stelios has been the team chiropractor for the University of South Florida’s athletic program and the Tampa Bay Storm, giving him a wide range of experience helping athletes from all different sports.

To help you maximize your performance, we offer

  • Chiropractic care
  • Exercises and stretches
  • Laser therapy, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound
  • Rock Tape®
  • Titleist Performance Institute-certified training®

Get Out on the Green

There are seven golf courses within just a few miles from our office. Some of these courses are used by amateurs that are trying to qualify for the U.S. Open. With training and certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, Dr. Stelios can help you improve your game.

In golf, posture is everything. You can’t rotate your body properly if you’re limited by bad posture. We focus on training your body, from ankle to knee to hips and back, to have their full mobility without limits. You won’t face the same injuries when you have a perfect swing, enjoying your best possible game.

Golfers don’t like to miss a game. We’ll treat you around your tee times and resolve injuries quickly. Dr. Stelios is happy to work with your golf professionals to target certain areas of your performance.

Achieve Stability and Movement

Rock Tape is a form of Kinesio® Tape, but with the added benefit of giving you a wide range of motion along with security. We’ll tape along the joint line to give extra support to big muscle groups affected by injury. Then, we decompress the injury by creating wrinkles in the skin to bring more blood flow into the region.

Improve your game with convenient walk-in, same-day and early or late appointments. Use your insurance coverage for your visits! Schedule your time today.

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