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New Patients at Stelios Spine and Health

Woman smilingWe warmly welcome you into our calm, tranquil office environment. You can relax in our reception area before seeing Dr. Stelios. We’re pleased that you chose us to assist you along the way to better health!

New Patient Consultation

On your first visit, we’ll take a thorough history to understand your condition. If necessary, we’ll take digital X-rays that are offered on-site. In most cases you will receive an adjustment, as well as therapy. This will help you to go home not in pain. Financials are reviewed in full so that you understand all costs involved. Dr. Stelios and a radiologist will review your X-rays and provide a report of findings.

You can wear your regular clothes in. Please plan on being here for about 45-50 minutes for this appointment.

Following Visits

On your regular appointments, you’ll receive an adjustment. Once we have progressed in your care, you may receive a postural adjustment and exercises or stretches. These exercises help you to achieve long-term correction instead of a quick fix.

We have a separate therapy room where you can perform stretches or exercises, or where you may receive therapy such as spinal decompression traction.

Learn More about Health

Dr. Stelios talks to his patients on each visit so that they understand what adjustments do and how therapy or exercises benefit them. The more you know, the more you can share with and teach your loved ones about health.

Interested in learning more? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. On-site digital X-rays are available.

New Patients at Stelios Spine and Health | (727) 372-3333